New Folk Session

Starting a new folk tunes session (not a singaround) at The Black Lion, Hethersgill on the last Monday of the month, beginning 30th October 2023, 7.30pm (not Xmas Day, which is the last Monday this year!). Maddy Prior will try and join us when she’s around (including the first session). Anyone welcome to come along and join in with an instrument, or come to listen.

Here’s a mixed list of 12 tunes so we have something in common to begin with, and then build on that with whatever anyone brings to play or sing. If you’re unsure of any of the tunes, you can find them on The Session.


The Kesh (G)

Out on the Ocean (G)

Slip Jigs

Foxhunters (D)

The Snowy Path (D)


Tam Lin (Bm)

Drowsy Maggy (Em)


Harvest Home (D)

King of the Fairies (Em)


Ballydesmond (Am)

Egan’s (D)


Leaving Stoer (G)

Inisheer (G)

Be good if you could indicate if you fancy coming so I have a vague idea of numbers.

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