Morning Prayer with St Cuthbert – Day 41

Cuthbert may be dead, but his body, like that of Jesus, was integral to his life of holiness and, more than this, being made of the soil of the earth, again like that of Jesus, creation was being sanctified through it. Even after his death, his body retains a connection with his spirit, as it awaits resurrection. And through this connection God’s Holy Spirit works its healing power through soil and water on a poor lad suffering from some terrible mental illness. There is a profound integration of matter and spirit here.

If you find these morning prayers helpful, please do feel free to pass on the word.

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    • Ruth on 30th October 2022 at 4:12 am
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    Great psalm that one. Must read it more often.

    The gospel reading more familiar ,,,as always somehow terrifying ….poor old Peter (my church when I was growing up was a St Peter”s, as was that at my University

    tThank you again for your prayers, including that of St Columba. And our Lord’s prayer in the traditional words, thank you for their comfort……while I try hard to use the modern version in my heart it does not feel right, and by time it feel’s right someone …………
    Meaning very well……. will rewrite it…….

    No reply needed…but include Ruth in Uist in your prayers from time to time,,

    Thinking of your meditation ….it occurs to me that ‘time’ and ‘earth’ have much in common…..

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