Lenten Prayer with St Cuthbert – Day 3

Some monks are in trouble at sea – and the Tynesiders jeer at them. But Cuthbert, as a young man, shows incredible strength of character, speaking out against the crowd and facing their taunts. Not sure I could have done what he did, but, interestingly, his reasoning has to do with what it means to be human.

In our Gospel, Christ is born. The shepherds watching their sheep on the hill see a vision of angels that changes their lives, just as Cuthbert, watching his sheep on the hill, will tomorrow (day 4). With Mary and Joseph we then visit the Temple and meet the Spirit-filled older generation of Simeon and Anna – the older we are, the higher up the stairs we have hopefully climbed (none of this nonsense of being ‘over the hill’). Simeon and Anna are now ready to enter Glory.

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