Lenten Prayer with St Cuthbert – Day 2

We learn that Cuthbert, as a young lad, lived in a household with servants, and his family therefore had some status. Later in the story, as a young man, we find he had a horse and spear, so may have been one of the king’s warriors. But he was also a shepherd, spending nights out on the Cheviots looking after the sheep, which we will come to on Day 4.

However, in this episode Cuthbert is in excruciating pain from a knee injury, no longer able to walk – perhaps the result of an ACL injury from his boisterous games. While lying in the fresh air under a tree, he is approached by a stranger who asks for hospitality. Of course Cuthbert isn’t in a position to give it and makes his excuses. But then the stranger turns the tables and offers hospitality instead – the hospitality of God.

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