Lenten Prayer with St Cuthbert – Day 19

Cuthbert has a go at self-sufficiency. He tries growing wheat, but that doesn’t work, so tries barley instead. And then the corvids come. Again. I do know this feeling – had exactly the same problem with the corvids stealing all the barley seed I planted. Tried telling them off like Cuthbert, but it didn’t work – they were just back again next morning. So I’m with Bede on this one!

Jesus sends out the 72 as 36 pairs (all sorts of interpretations in those numbers). But something extraordinary is afoot – the world is changing as the Kingdom of God draws near. But its still too controversial for some, and prejudice blinds many to see what is before their eyes. We need to be so careful and constantly challenge our own assumptions lest we miss the Spirit of God.

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