We are approaching the end of the first full week of Lent.

There are approximately fifty of us undertaking this journey through Lent in the company of Christ, St Luke, St Cuthbert, St Bede and each other. We come from places as far apart as Australia, Canada, Ireland, France, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, UK and the USA. But we have this journey in common, and our faith in our Lord.

Some folk may appreciate the opportunity to meet fellow pilgrims, and perhaps make new friends. If you would like to introduce yourself to others, say where you are from, and perhaps share some thoughts or reflections, or ask questions, please do feel free to do so on the Lent community comments page here. Do bear in mind that this is a public page viewable by everyone. Alternatively, you can navigate to it through the menu: Podcasts>Lenten Prayer with St Cuthbert Podcasts>Community of Prayer Comments.

Others, of course, will want to remain quiet, appreciating that they are not alone in their prayers or pilgrimage, but observing a Lenten silence.

Both are in the nature of Christian community.

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