Can We Do It?

A “land-based community”, but without any land! Now we have a really exciting opportunity! If you share the vision, can you help make it a reality? We have a few weeks to make it happen…

Land is the ground on which we live. Like air, we cannot exist without it. Yet unlike air, it has been privatised.

One of our aims is to restore a right relationship with the land, and to rediscover an ancient way of being “church” in the rural context – learning to “pray with our hands in the soil”: to enable a Christian-based community to develop through the daily round of prayer and gentle living, utilising the principles of permaculture and low-impact dwellings. In a world gone mad we need a different way of living!

But land has become so expensive only the wealthy can afford it. Jesus said “the meek shall inherit the earth”. Can you help us and bring this vision to birth?

The carvings on the early 8th Century Bewcastle Cross depict creatures protected by, and feeding on, the fruit of the vine. Christ called his church “the vine”, restored humanity. In other words, our calling is to be creation’s blessing. Not its curse! We want to give expression to this vision of Christ and our forebears.

We have found a farm less than a mile from Bewcastle Church, but we don’t have the money to buy it. We have been promised a gift of £140,000 if we can raise the rest, but we need another £480,000 to reach our goal. We have a few weeks to find the money….

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