A Fond Farewell

We bade a sad but fond farewell to our first pilgrims last week. Harriet and Mike have been wonderful. Passionate about creation, serious about faith, knowledgeable about foraging, with an intellectual integrity not satisfied with the usual trite answers given by church or politicians, and with a desire to see the Kingdom of God established in the neediest of lives. We could not have asked for better help than that offered by these two young disciples, newly married, and with a spirit of adventure that has taken them to every corner of the kingdom.

Our first pilgrims, the Schofields - Harriet and Mike

Our first pilgrims, the Schofields – Harriet and Mike

The list of tasks with which they have helped is too long to include here – they were with us for almost all of March and April apart from 10 days around Easter. Suffice it to say that they have become friends who will always find a welcome awaiting them. Their ideas, enthusiasm, and work have helped shape several aspects of the landscape of the House of Prayer that will remain as their legacy into the future. There is a part of them indelibly marked on the land, particularly due to the trees they planted.

Of course, they left much still to do. A compost toilet, which they have designed, has still to be made. A straw bale barn has still to be built. Lesser celendine and ramsons have still to be collected. Nettle beer has still to be brewed… And this week, a thousand and more trees have to be planted.

But daily prayer continues and the Spirit of Christ unites us. This is ancient church renewed.

Farewell, Mike & Harriet, and welcome home whenever you want.

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