Scything Rushes


What an amazing tool! We have just bought our first scythes and set them up. These are Austrian scythes, very lightweight, extremely well made with a good range of excellent blades. Simon Fairlie is the only supplier in the UK of these scythes.

Most of our 6 acres is covered in soft rushes (juncus effusus) so we have a fair bit of work ahead of us. This video shows just how easy it is to use with a good blade, sharpened every 5-10 minutes (takes about 30 seconds). This is using the 65cm ‘ditch’ blade.

Can’t recommend them highly enough.

We are going to experiment with thatching using these rushes, and possibly weaving. There is certainly no shortage of supply!

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2 responses to Scything Rushes

  1. Francis

    Nice sweeping action, nice sharp blade !
    No wonder you’re making good progress.
    N.B. The colour of the grass shows how bad/late spring is in Cumbria !

    • Thanks, Francis.

      Grass hasn’t started growing yet and farmers still have all their cattle indoors. Feeding costs are horrific. There’s nothing for the suckling ewes to eat either. Hopefully the temperature will rise shortly so things can start growing – our season is getting shorter by the week.


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