The journey so far has been difficult and painful, and we are often tempted to give up. But the encouragement we have received keeps us going. Here are some of the comments in support of the Bewcastle House of Prayer or Minster and the Permaculture Magazine article that have helped.

The Archbishop of Canterbury tells me that he is definitely sympathetic to the ideas you have articulated.

Mr C Smith, Chief of Staff, Lambeth Palace, July 2011

What a great article! The vision remains spot-on. How to realise it remains a conundrum!

The Rt Revd James Newcome, Bishop of Carlisle, March 2012

It is a very interesting and helpful article, and it is particularly good that it is in Permaculture magazine.  I hope all goes well.

The Rt Revd Robert Freeman, Bishop of Penrith, March 2012

Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your proposal which I read with much interest and I’d be glad to be kept in touch as your project progresses

The Rt Revd Martin Wharton, Bishop of Newcastle, June 2012

It looks an interesting proposal and you have clearly been on a long journey already with others to take it this far.

The Right Revd Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield, June 2012

I warmly support what you hope to achieve and wish you well

The Right Revd Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely, June 2012

This is so good and full of exciting ideas. I wish I was a serving bishop with the funds to help you!

The Rt Revd Gordon Mursell, Retired Bishop of Stafford, April 2012

Delighted to hear that the minster idea is not just gathering dust. If I ever write a Son of Parochial Vision, it is just such creative ventures that I would cite. Do let me know how you get on.

Nick Spencer, Author of Parochial Vision: Future of the English Parish, June 2012

It was a fascinating read. In different circumstances, I would love to join you. Do keep faith, as what you are doing is really important.

HW, Surrey, March 2012

What you are doing looks absolutely amazing, prophetic and courageous.

DT, CEL, March 2012

I just wanted to say that I found this article completely inspirational! What you’ve outlined is our dream!

RR, Permaculture Magazine, April 2012

My conviction – practical and spiritual – is that you are doing something deeply sensible…I loved the little phrase about the saxons/celts – ‘they lived so lightly that they barely left a trace’. A real challenge to all this stuff about making our mark and leaving a legacy.

AW, Kent, June 2012

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